Mapping the Masculine Universal

Feminist sound studies scholar Tara Rodgers expands upon Jonathan Sterne’s critical analysis of the original/copy dialectic embedded within sound reproduction technologies as those that have implicitly sought to reinscribe “the reproduction of an existing cultural order” (Rodgers 2010b: 26; Sterne 2003). Instead, Rodgers considers the potential of “a logic of synthesis” as one that might […]

Listening Out For a Feminist Subject

Sound studies, as Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld wrote in 2004, “is an emerging interdisciplinary area that studies the material production and consumption of music, sound, noise, and silence” (Pinch and Bijsterveld 2004: 636). In particular, theorists engaged within this relatively new field of enquiry have sought to address ways in which auditory organisational systems […]