Destabilisation of the Subject

The displacement and transformation of orthodox beliefs is a major strategy within much post-structural theory, within feminism and queer theory as much as within post-colonial scholarship. Displacement and transformation are strategies invested, in part, in repeating stereotypes to expose and subvert the fallacy of dominant assumptions about authenticity that are bound up within hegemonic representational […]

Resistances of History

At the fourteenth international New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference of 2014, Georgina Born organised and chaired a panel/workshop titled Gender, Education, Creativity in Digital Music and Sound Art (Born et al 2014).  This was the first panel to address issues of gender in sound and music in NIME’s fourteen year history. Born, along […]

Written Out of History

Whilst Tara Rodgers’ and Jonathan Sterne’s work in particular seeks to historicise sound reproduction technologies and audio-technical discourses by charting their shifting histories, the question of how to write a feminist history of the present in sound arts and experimental musics that focuses upon feminist compositional process is not such an easy question to answer […]