By Utter Force

Speech acts, forms of writing, modes of public expression, all become crucial to revolutionary action and to understanding and fomenting social change. It wasn’t just that women took up a position in public space, but that public space also became configured in such a way that women could find themselves speaking; and it wasn’t just […]

Repairing the Self as Other

Turning to the recent disdain within some narrations of queer feminism for interpretation and paranoid critique in favour of a ‘newer’ reparative turn, Robyn Wiegman asks the right question; “what precisely motivates the widespread embrace of reparative reading for queer feminist readers [listeners] today?” (Wiegman 2014: 12). For within this debate, as Wiegman astutely points […]

More Paranoid Repairs

In a way that speaks to Georgina Born’s assertion that an “analytics of mediation…encompasses and addresses conceptually the kinds of difference and antagonism that routinely inform musical experience” (Born 2010: 88), J.Jack Halberstam working directly within the queer feminist archive, articulates a nuanced politics of negativity and radical passivity through a particularly queer feminist and […]